Mysoda's water bottles make stylish and practical add-ons to your Mysoda sparkling water maker. The bottles have a quick-lock mechanism that ensures fast and easy use, and when your sparkling drink is done, you can simply put on the cap and throw the bottle in your bag.

The drinking bottle is made of BPA-free plastic and finished with a cap and bottom that match the Mysoda Woody sparkling water maker, with most of the plastic of the cap and bottom replaced with an eco-friendly, wood-based biocomposite. In addition to Woody, the bottle is also compatible with all other Mysoda devices. The set includes two 1-litre bottles.

Please note that the water bottles used in Mysoda sparkling water makers have an expiration date. The bottles are designed to withstand high pressure, but it is characteristic for plastic to harden over time. When it becomes too hard, it can no longer expand when water is carbonated. For this reason, all Mysoda bottles have an expiry date and should no longer be used after it.

Water bottle 1 L, 2 pcs, pigeon




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BPA-free plastic, biocomposite
Green grey, clear