Foscarini's Filo collection is named after distant cities and precious gemstones – fitting, as the Filo table lamp is like an exotic jewel in itself. Designed by Andrea Anastasio, the lamp surprises the viewer with its irregular appearance. The luminaire is broken down into pieces and then put together in a unique, almost rule-breaking way. 

The table lamp's textile electric cable has been carelessly left uncovered. Two mouth-blown glass ornaments are attached to the wire, one above the other, adding contrast and colours to the look of the luminaire. When lit, the porcelain shade glows softly and cosily, but even when the lights are switched off, Filo attracts attention and invites you to come closer and take a look.

Filo table lamp, Teodora




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Porcelain, blown glass and coated metal
White, petrol green, orange, blue

Andrea Anastasio

Andrea Anastasio (b. 1961) is an Italian designer who has designed furniture, lighting and other objects for leading Italian companies. Anastasio’s work is influenced by his education in philosophy, his research on innovation in traditional craftsmanship techniques and 11 years spent on a research trip in India. With his designs, Anastasio transforms his knowledge on cultures, art and philosophy into meaningful physical objects.

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