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Anno is a Finnish interior design brand founded in 2007, whose products exude the authenticity and naturalness characteristic of the Nordic lifestyle. Anno's selection emphasizes natural materials such as wool, linen and cotton, as well as timeless, nature-friendly design. All of Anno’s rugs are handcrafted in India.

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Scandinavian style rugs and designer carpets

A well-chosen Scandi rug or carpet keeps floors in tip-top condition, softens the acoustics of a room, and feels soft and warm under the feet. Our carefully curated selection consists of Scandi style rugs from Finland, Scandinavia and beyond. Shop the collection for the look you’re searching for, be it:

• A Scandi boho rug to add character in a bedroom.
• A hard-working Scandinavian runner rug to brighten (and quieten) your hallway.
• A round Scandi rug to draw the eye and create a focal point.
• A Scandinavian outdoor rug to create the perfect garden room.
• A cheerful kids’ rug for little ones to play on in a nursery.

Our beautiful range of high-quality Scandi rugs includes Finnish rugs by Woodnotes and Finarte, well-known Pappelina rugs from Sweden and elegant ferm LIVING rugs from Denmark.

How to choose the right size Scandinavian rug

The right rug will frame the floor, centering your space into a clean and coherent whole. It’s often best to go large, so choose a Scandi rug that’s big enough – it’s all too easy to go for a rug that’s too small and miss out on the unity a well-chosen Scandi rug brings to a room. Here are a few more rug ideas and tips:

• In the dining area, the dining table and all chairs should all fit on your rug – the whole time.
• In the living room, the rug should ideally reach under the edge of the sofa.
• In the hallway, a runner rug should cover most of the length of the floor.

Large Scandinavian rugs can transform the look and feel of living rooms and dining areas, while our Scandinavian runner rugs work best in hallways and kitchens. In the bedroom, you can choose either a single large Scandi rug or place runner rugs on either side of the bed, depending on the size of the room and the height of the bed.

In terms of shape, a rectangular rug works in almost any space, while our round Scandi rugs look great under a round table or to add interest in a room. Asymmetrical rugs also catch the eye by creating a focal point in a room.

How to choose the material of your Scandinavian rug

Many of the materials used in our Scandi rug collection are natural – cotton, wool, paper yarn, sisal and jute. You’ll also find synthetic materials including polyamide and plastic yarn. Choose the material of your rug according to the space where it’ll be placed: choose materials that can be cleaned easily in spaces prone to dirt, and strong materials for high-traffic spaces.

Wool rugs, shaggy rugs, Scandi berber rugs, high pile carpets and delicate materials are generally ideal for living rooms, bedrooms and lounge areas. Wool’s natural ability to resist stains makes it a practical and long-lasting choice. A good option for the kitchen, particularly for families with children, is an easily washable cotton rug or a plastic rug, as stains can often be just wiped away. Hardwearing jute and sisal rugs are particularly well suited for entryways or to achieve a rustic feel, and dirt-repellent paper yarn rugs are a natural and allergy-friendly choice for any room. For a patio or balcony, it’s best to choose a Scandinavian outdoor rug that’s built to withstand the weather, and for the bathroom, there’s nothing like a soft bath rug to sink your feet into.

How to select the style of my new Nordic rug

When it comes to choosing the style of your new Scandi rug or carpet, start by thinking about which rugs would best complement the current decor – think colors, materials and textures. Consider how the hues of the rug you love will match the colors of your floor and walls.

• Brightly colored or boldly patterned Scandi rugs are perfect for bringing energy and dynamism to a space, updating the whole vibe of a room – keep in mind that rich patterns often require some empty space around them.
• If you’re aiming for peace and serenity, black and white Scandi rugs or subtle palettes and patterns work well.
• A Scandinavian rug needn’t strictly match the colors and style of the decor – often, some contrast adds helps ground the look of a room.

Black rugs add contrast and elegance to any space.
White rugs bring a sense of lightness to your home.
Grey rugs exude timeless and versatile charm.
Blue rugs evoke images of the calming sea and sky.
Green rugs bring life and vibrancy to the interior.
Pink rugs infuse warm playfulness into your decor.

Designer Scandinavian rug inspiration

Now you’re here, you might like to dive into some Scandinavian and Finnish rug inspiration. Our online magazine Design Stories gives you lots of stories, tips and ideas on choosing and styling Scandi rugs. Here are a few to get you started:

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