What’s new: Marimekko’s Pepe collection

We can almost taste the papaya! Featuring a pair of pretty parrots and an invigorating palette of colors, Marimekko’s upbeat Pepe print brings in instant summer.

An image of a beach towel with Marimekko's Pepe print.
Marimekko's playful Pepe print was designed by Maija Isola.

MARIMEKKO’S PEPE COLLECTION features a spectacular motif designed by Maija Isola in 1970. The mood-boosting Pepe pattern depicts two parrots meeting up in the middle of a lush jungle. Recreated with a palette of fresh, tropical colors, the Pepe collection takes you on a trip to paradise.

An image of Marimekko's Keidas fabric placed on the ground, with Pepe tableware on top of it.
Pepe tableware turns every table setting into a summer picnic. The Keidas cotton fabric is also Marimekko's.
A product image of Marimekko's Pepe mug.
The ceramic Pepe mug is part of the Oiva tableware collection, designed by Sami Ruotsalainen.
A closeup image of Marimekko's Keidas fabric and Pepe plate.
A juicy orange hue is abundant in Marimekko's summer collection. Paired with bold turquoise and soft beige, the color looks irresistibly refreshing.

To name just a few, the collection includes a duvet cover made from crisp cotton percale, delectable additions to the Oiva tableware collection and an extra-large beach towel ideal for sun-drenched trips to the seashore. Pepe cotton fabric allows you to create a pair of stunning summer curtains or a tablecloth – or you can use it as a light picnic blanket as such.

An image of Marimekko's Pepe duvet cover and pillow case on a bed.
Made from cotton percale, Marimekko's Pepe duvet cover and pillowcase both look and feel fresh and inviting.
An image of a daybed on a sun-drenched terrace, filled with Marimekko's cushion covers placed.
Marimekko's summer collection is packed with a distinct joie-de-vivre attitude.

Add a splash of color with a pair of Pepe mugs or go all in: the vintage-inspired shades and vibrant pattern of the playful Pepe collection keep you basking in tropical sunshine all year round.

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Text: Mira Ahola Images: Marimekko

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