Focus on functionality – Vitra’s new products in spring 2022

Vitra’s new arrivals in spring 2022 focus on eco-friendly materials and utmost usability – the latter is manifested in supernormal furniture by Jasper Morrison and an innovative office furniture system called Comma, among other goodies. See our picks from Vitra’s upcoming launches!

Vitra's Uten.Silo RE in red and Toolbox RE in pink
Uten.Silo RE is made entirely of recycled plastic. Due to the material, the iconic organizer is also recyclable.

Eco-friendly storage

After last year's Toolbox RE container and Tip Ton RE chair, Vitra is also launching Dorothee Becker's Uten.Silo as a recycled plastic version. Uten.Silo RE is made of recycled ABS which is not only incredibly durable but also recyclable, making the organizer doubly eco-friendly.

Uten.Silo was originally designed in 1969, and only a year later in 1970, it was followed by Uten.Silo II. The ingenious organizer has seen a variety of iterations throughout the years, and it has been part of Vitra's selection since 2000.

Vitra's Chap stool
Konstantin Grcic's Chap stool is designed to blend in its surroundings as if it had always been there. The stool can be complemented with a nifty tray.

Chap with a friend

The Chap stool is also made of recycled materials, specifically recycled polypropylene. Conceived by Konstantin Grcic in 2021, Chap is designed to be intentionally generic and versatile – no matter where you place it, it immediately looks familiar and functional. The stackable stool is perfect as an extra seat, a side table as well as a footstool for both home use and various public environments.

For the latter, Chap is particularly handy, as its lightweight construction makes it easy to move and stack as needed at the end of a workshop, meeting, or event, for example. In addition, the stool can be complemented with the Chap tray, which keeps personal belongings safe but out of the way during the above-mentioned occasions. How convenient!

Vitra's Vase Découpage Boucle
The new Vase Découpage Boucle consists of a cylindrical vase and a removable decorative loop. The vase was designed by Erwan and Ronan Bouroullec.

Vase Découpage

Designed by the Bouroullec brothers Ronan and Erwan, the 2020 vase collection Vase Découpage is due to expand with a new addition, as Barre, Disque, and Feuille will be accompanied by Boucle. The idea of ​​the collection is that in addition to the cylindrical vase, the ensembles include a variety of removable decorative additions that encourage the user to participate in the design process: the vases can be decorated as preferred or left unadorned. The Boucle vase comes with a ceramic bar that curves into a loop.

Vitra's Metal Side Table and Panton chairs outdoors
Designed by brothers Bouroullec, the Metal Side Tables will be introduced in a galvanized, metal-colored version. The tables can be used in or outdoors.

Tables with a metallic sheen

The concisely named Metal Side Tables are also one of the numerous Vitra designs by the Bouroullec brothers. Originally introduced in 2004, the table collection will gain new family members in the spring of 2022 when a galvanized, metallic version of the table will be introduced in three different sizes. The multi-purpose tables, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, are made of zinc, and they reflect the colors and lights of their surroundings in an interesting way – the appearance of the tables depends a lot on the lighting conditions.

Vitra's HAL Soft chairs
The HAL Soft chairs mirror the clear and uncomplicated look of the HAL collection by Jasper Morrison but are finished with soft fabric upholstery. The chairs are available with wooden or metal legs.

Supernormal and supersoft

The HAL chair collection, designed by Jasper Morrison, will expand with the upholstered HAL Soft Wood and HAL Soft Tube chairs. The concept of the collection is typically straightforward for Morrison: create a simple seat and combine it with different legs to create countless different chairs for different purposes.

In the HAL Soft chairs, either wooden legs – in HAL Soft Wood – or tubular legs in metal – in HAL Soft Tube – are connected to an upholstered and padded seat. Regardless of the base material, the chairs perfectly represent Morrison’s design philosophy that the normal and the familiar are often more usable than some kind of special or showy design. Indeed, Morrison calls his design “supernormal.”

Vitra's Soft Seats cushions
Vitra's iconic chair models can soon be supplemented with the Soft Seats cushions to be released in spring 2022.

Softer seating

After working from home for such a long time, many may have found themselves in need of a little extra cushioning to their wooden or plastic chairs; Vitra meets this need with the new Soft Seats. The series consists of three different types of cushions and, depending on the shape, they fit several Vitra chairs – for example, the Tip Ton chair can be complemented with both the round and square Soft Seat cushions, while the Eames chair family can be softened with the more organic-shaped cushions.

Soft Seats are made of heat-pressed fleece, which not only retains its shape in use but is also recyclable. The zippered cover can be removed for cleaning.

Vitra's Comma furniture in the office
The office furniture arrival for 2022 is the modular and multifunctional Comma series, which can be used to build all kinds of office furniture from shelves to desks.

Introducing Comma

The recent work-from-home era and hybrid models for office work have been a hot topic at Vitra, and the brand has developed an entire product range around the idea – let us introduce you to Comma.

The Comma range is actually a modular furniture system that can be used to build a wide range of units from workstations to shelves and from telephone booths to collaborative spaces. The structures are easy to dismantle and modify, so the office space can be easily shaped and shifted as needed; a bit like the scaffolding from which Comma's utilitarian look is borrowed.

Vitra's new 2022 arrivals will be available at Finnish Design Shop in the course of spring and summer 2022. For more information on the Comma office series, please contact Finnish Design Shop's Contract Sales.

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