Marimekko’s 2022 spring collection sees nature awaken after winter

Marimekko’s pre-spring home collection 2022 celebrates the delicate beauty of nature awakening after winter. The symbolism of new beginnings continues in new interpretations of classic Marimekko prints.

Marimekko Gabriel Näkki
Marimekko's spring line will introduce classic prints in new, merged forms. Gabriel Näkki fuses two of Maija Isola's patterns.

MARIMEKKO'S SPRING LINE 2022 is all about new perspectives and connecting the past with the present. The new collection introduces a fresh interpretation of the iconic brand by Rebekka Bay, who has been Creative Director at Marimekko since 2020. The line features both intriguing versions of some of Marimekko's most popular prints as well as a brand new print inspired by nature. The beloved Oiva collection will also expand with exciting newbies.

Marimekko  Oiva - Unikko Ralli mug 4 dl, white - sky blue - rose
Unikko Ralli combines Maija Isola's iconic floral pattern with vertical stripes.

Double the print

Maija Isola's classic print designs never cease to inspire us, but we're still delighted to see them interpreted in new ways. In the spring collection, Marimekko has merged Isola's prints together to create fascinatingly vivid designs that expand the borders of printmaking.

Unikko Ralli, a fusion of flowers and stripes, and Gabriel Näkki, which merges horizontal waves with vertical ones, will adorn Oiva tableware and other kitchenware as well as selected home textiles. The shadow-like Lokki Pergola will be seen in Oiva mugs and a brand new quilted blanket.

Marimekko  Unikko Ralli heavyweight cotton fabric, brown - teal -light pink
Unikko Ralli and other new Marimekko fabrics are printed at Marimekko's own factory in Helsinki, Finland.
Marimekko new collection
The new home textiles come in delicious hues and patterns that are perfect for spring.

Breakfast with Oiva

In the spring, Marimekko will introduce a new print design by Maija Louekari, the delicate Elokuun Varjot, Finnish for “August shadows”. Inspired by Louekari's own, abundant garden, the print will adorn Oiva tableware, home textiles, and a hanging planter.

The Oiva collection will also expand with new items intended particularly for breakfast and brunch table settings: a French press in the Tiiliskivi print and a handled bowl and egg cups in Maija Louekari's Alku pattern.

Marimekko Oiva Tiiliskivi French press
The French press in Tiiliskivi pattern is the perfect final touch for a brunch table setting. The jug holds 9 deciliters.
Marimekko Elokuun Varjot
Maija Louekari's Elokuun Varjot print was inspired by the abundance of the designer's own garden.
Marimekko Oiva Alku
The newcomers in the Oiva collection include egg cups and a serving bowl with handles.

Respect for nature

In the new collection, Marimekko celebrates the beauty of nature also with environmentally friendly materials and colors. Some of the collection's textiles are made from unbleached cotton and linen, and some from recycled cotton and wool. In addition, the collection will feature an Unikko fabric and kitchen textiles dyed with natural indigo. The plant-based dye is extracted from the leaves of Finnish woad plants.

Marimekko Unikko indigo
The new collection includes textiles dyed with plant-based indigo.
Marimekko Gabriel Näkki
Gabriel Näkki is made up of the vertical Gabriel pattern and the horizontal, wavy Näkki pattern.
Marimekko  Flower vase, dark sea green
The popular Umpu, Flower and Mini vases will be introduced in new shades in 2022.

The first products of Marimekko's new line will arrive at Finnish Design Shop already before the end of 2021.

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