Hakola collaborates with Kvadrat

Hakola has launched a new sofa collection at the Habitare fair, upholstered with Danish Kvadrat’s luxurious woolen fabrics. The Hakola x Kvadrat couches and ottomans are now available exclusively at Finnish Design Shop. Read tips for buying a sofa from Hakola’s Creative Director Annaleena Hämäläinen.

Hakola x Kvadrat

Annaleena Hämäläinen, how did the collaboration between Hakola and Kvadrat come about?
“Kvadrat contacted us last spring and suggested a collaboration. We did not need to think for long and immediately started planning all the things we could do together. Interior designers often request Hakola’s sofas upholstered with Kvadrat’s flame-retardant fabrics for their projects. Their quality is what we want to offer our other customers as well. When a sofa is handmade from high-quality materials in Finland, it deserves only the best quality in its upholstery as well.”

“When a sofa is handmade from high-quality materials, it deserves only the best quality in its upholstery as well.”

Annaleena Hämäläinen, Creative Director of Hakola
“Sofas upholstered with Kvadrat’s woolen fabrics are perfect for homes that appreciate timelessness and quality,” says Hakola’s Creative Director Annaleena Hämäläinen.

Kvadrat was founded in 1968 and is known for its high‑quality woolen fabrics. How did you select the colors for the new collection?
“The choice was actually surprisingly easy. Kvadrat’s fabrics have gorgeous tones, so it was easy to find current colors that fit Hakola’s sofas. A couch is a large piece of furniture, and not all on-trend colors work on them. Consumers have, however, become bolder with their color choices, so we dared to pick some bolder shades for the collection as well.”

Hakola x Kvadrat
The Hakola x Kvadrat sofas are upholstered with flame-retardant fabrics that are also suitable for public spaces.

What should one consider when buying a sofa?
“As you are buying a couch, you should start with your own needs: consider how the couch will be used. For families with children, I recommend fabrics that are suitable for wet cleaning or woolen fabrics that repel dirt. The same applies if you have pets. The depth of the sofa is chosen based on whether you like to sprawl out on the couch or sit more upright.

When you are looking for a couch, it’s a good idea to test its weight. You can recognize a chipboard sofa from a high-quality sofa made from solid wood and plywood by its lightness. Slipcovers are always better in terms of both maintenance and sustainable development. You can buy new covers for Hakola’s sofas even after decades—and the sofa feels like new again.”

Hakola x Kvadrat
The Hakola family has more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing furniture. Each piece is handmade in Jurva in the Southern Ostrobothnia region of Finland.

How do the Lazy and Cosy Pocket sofas differ from each other?
“Hakola’s Lazy sofa is clearly deeper and meant for slouching, whereas on Cosy Pocket, you sit more upright. Lazy has a short and narrow armrest; in Cosy Pocket, it’s puffy. The sofas are also different in how it feels to sit in them. Lazy’s seat cushions are a relaxed mix of feather and down, whereas Cosy Pocket gives you a sturdy feeling with a smart padding that molds according to body temperature. Cosy Pocket’s armrest has a handy pocket for remote controls and magazines.”

“Currently, pink, dark green and dark blue are popular hues. A bold decorator will go for a trendy fudge tone.”

What are some current couch trends?
“Right now, the graceful and light sofas of the 1950s are in. Couches should be airy, and for materials, velvet and leather are popular. Many dare to go for a bolder color: during the past year, we have sold many light pink and dark green couches. Currently, dark blue is also popular, and a brave decorator will go for a trendy fudge tone.”

Hakola x Kvadrat

What kind of a sofa do you have at home?
“Our sofas change often as we are always testing Hakola’s new designs and fabrics. Right now, we only have couches from the Lazy collection, both in the living room and downstairs by the fireplace. As Lazy is so large and deep, the whole family loves it. Lazy will now get some tough competition from Cosy Pocket, which we will bring home upholstered in Kvadrat’s iconic Hallingdal fabric.”

The Hakola x Kvadrat collection is available exclusively at Finnish Design Shop.

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Text: Mikko Vaija Photos: Katri Kapanen Styling: Anna Pirkola

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