Dinnerware for parties and festive daily life – check out our 8 best tips for tableware!

Who said setting up the party table has to be a hassle? Whether you're throwing a grand and glamorous event or keeping it cozy and intimate, Design Stories is here to help you with the table décor. Check out our inspiring ideas for delightful table settings – and don't forget to add a bunch of fresh flowers to accompany your tableware!

Artek's Rivi pattern comprises rows of long, parallel lines with delicate details.

Where lines lead to infinity

The lines continue to infinity in Artek's Rivi pattern, designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. The appeal of Rivi, which is Finnish for “line”, lies in the hand-drawn lines – the organicity of the pattern is not a flaw, but an appreciable quality in itself.

The pre-cut Rivi fabric is made of acrylic-coated cotton and is particularly suitable for use as a tablecloth, as it is super easy to keep clean thanks to the water and dirt-repellent surface.

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HAY's Indian Steel Pitcher No. 2 is the perfect complement to a festive feast.

Pour perfection

The Indian Steel Pitcher No. 2 by Danish design brand HAY is a charming steel jug with a graceful design and an elegant, shiny surface. The versatile pitcher breathes life into any table setting, whether serving refreshing beverages or showcasing striking floral arrangements as a stunning vase. The streamlined design is complemented by a gently curved handle and a wide-rimmed spout ensuring seamless pouring with every sip.

HAY's Indian Pitcher No. 2 >
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Each piece of Iittala's Raami collection has its own character, and together the pieces form a seamless entity.

Make every sip sparkle

Raami sparkling wine glasses by Iittala are made of durable, dishwasher-safe glass and characterized by a relaxed, compact design that feels nice to hold in your hand. The wine glass is part of the Raami collection, designed by Jasper Morrison, who found inspiration from the role of dinnerware in gathering people together. The name Raami, Finnish for “frame”, refers to the way that tableware frames our shared moments and gives space for new, meaningful memories.

By the way, here's a delightful tip to add a touch of festivity to ordinary moments: try enjoying your day-to-day drinks from Raami wine glasses! In fact, our editorial team sometimes likes to enjoy refreshing mineral water or breakfast juice from a sparkling wine glass. Cheers!

Iittala's Raami sparkling wine glass >
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Marimekko's charming Sukat Makkaralla dishes add joy and character to any table setting.

Roll down your socks and lift up your glass

The Sukat Makkaralla series by Finnish Marimekko is casually cheerful, yet elegant enough to be eye-catching at the festive table. The wavy decoration of the dishes gives the collection its delightful look and also the smiling name: “sukat makkaralla” means “socks rolled down” in Finnish.

Designed by designer and glass artist Anu Penttinen, the collection has references to the traditions of Finnish glass design while simultaneously adding something completely new to it. Like a person with their socks rolled down, the Sukat Makkaralla glasses are also natural and liberated, self-assured individuals.

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The colourful Sottsass editions are based on the wooden objects first introduced in Alessi's Twergi collection in 1989.

Serve in style

When it comes to party plating, the choice of serving dishes is vital. Alessi's delightful and colorful Sottsass centrepiece is sure to be the center of any table setting. This extraordinarily expressive wooden bowl was created by the legendary Italian designer Ettore Sottsass. Shaped like a small totem, the monumental limewood centerpiece consists of a painted pedestal and a large bowl that can be used for serving fruits or sweets.

The Sottsass centrepiece is part of the Alessi Values Collection that was launched to celebrate the centennial of the famous Italian design house. Each item in the collection is made in Italy using certified wood and a partly hand-crafted turning process.

Alessi's Sottsass centrepiece >
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Marten Baas' delightfully distorted cutlery set is the perfect addition to the festive dinner.

Perfectly imperfect

Belgian design brand valerie_objects' fascinating cutlery set is the creation of designer Marten Baas. The set brings a touch of festive to even the most typical everyday dinner with its uniquely playful and asymmetrical design – someone could even describe it with the word “imperfect”. The only danger with these charmingly distorted cutleries is that you almost forget to eat your feast!

Made of brushed steel, the set contains sixteen pieces of cutlery. Four forks, four knives, four spoons, and four small spoons are all hidden inside a stylish wooden gift box.

valerie_objects' Marten Baas cutlery set >
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Made of glazed porcelain, the SB coaster is ideal as part of table settings and can also be to store small items in the hallway or living room.

Devil is in the details

Boost the look of any table setting with delightful details. 1616 / arita japan's porcelain SB coaster helps to protect the table from rings and marks left by glasses and bottles, yet the coaster is so elegant that you'll want to keep it on hand even when there are no drinks around. In addition to its original purpose, the coaster works as a refined serving dish for small desserts in table settings.

Designed by Stefan Scholte and Carole Baijings, the SB collection gives a modern interpretation of traditional Japanese dishes with its delicate colors: aquarelle-blue, light pink, red-orange, and ochre. The porcelain tableware captivates as part of day-to-day life as well as more festive occasions.

1616 / arita japan's SB coaster >
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The beautiful Unien talo, “House of Dreams”, pattern was inspired by architectonic dreams and old Finnish house-building traditions.

The final touch

Enhance the table with a hint of sophistication! Fabric napkins give a finished look to any table setting, both festive party and day-to-day dinner. Decorated with Saana ja Olli's abstract Unien talo pattern, this hemp tea towel serves as a stylish foundation under plates and cutlery or folded into a chic napkin. When the party's over, the cloth can be used as a towel in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

Saana ja Olli's Unien talo tea towel >
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