Create a functional workspace in your home – 6 tips for success

Choose pieces that seamlessly match your existing home décor. The most effective solutions are often the most sustainable and beautiful ones.

&Tradition Palette JH9 desk
The Palette JH9 desk, designed by Jaime Hayón for &Tradition, makes an elegant addition to any home office. Arne Jacobsen's Bellevue AJ8 table lamp is a Danish design classic.

1. Allow yourself plenty of free table space

Measure up your work surface correctly. Writing jobs only require a small area for a laptop, but working with other tools or devices will take up more space. Pay attention to materials: wood and linoleum surfaces have a pleasant feel to them. A height adjustable table gives you the choice of working either in a sitting or standing position.

&Tradition's Palette JH9 desk >

Hay AAC20 chair
Hay's popular About A Chair collection features an array of chairs that are also suitable for desks. The AAC20 chair comes in black and white. The green version (featured) is available for order via Finnish Design Shop Customer Service.

2. Sit comfortably

You should be able to sit comfortably for long periods of time without the chair feeling hard or having poor back support. In any case, take regular breaks to stand up and stretch. If the workstation is situated in either the bedroom or in the living room, the appearance of the work chair is particularly important. A visually appealing seat will complement your other furnishings.

Hay's About A Chair >

A visually appealing seat will complement your other furnishings.

String System
The String System open shelves and cabinets will add extra storage space to a workspace.

3. Maximize your storage space

Ensure that you have enough storage space around your workspace. Make use of the walls and install open shelves to help keep you organized. Place a drawer with wheels under your desk, which you can easily pull out if you need extra space.

String System cabinet >

Muuto Folded shelf
Designed by Johan van Hengel, the Folded steel shelf keeps small items at hand. The shelf comes in three sizes, and it's made by Muuto.

4. Allocate a specific place for small items

The work surface easily becomes cluttered. Invest in small storage units that keep pencils, scissors, paper clips, and documents in check. A storage compartment with a handle is a practical option.

Muuto's Folded shelf >

Please Wait to be Seated Nouveau Pin
The upholstered Nouveau Pin board by All The Way To Paris is perfect for notes, lists, and photos.

5. Hang up and hush down

Hang up a note board on the wall, where you can place sticky notes and inspirational pictures. A cork or fabric covered board or a metal surface with magnets will do the job. What's more, soft fabric surfaces will improve the acoustics in your space.

Please Wait To Be Seated's Nouveau Pin board >

Soft fabric surfaces will improve the acoustics in your workspace.

Hay Fifty Fifty Mini task light
Hay's ash grey Fifty Fifty Mini task light was named after its counterweight system that creates an equilibrium between the slender arm and the dimmable light source.

6. Focus the light

You just cannot do without a glare-free and adjustable spotlight. A dimmer allows you to modify the light to suit any occasion. The most optimal light comes slightly from the side. A properly positioned light bulb will not shine directly in your eyes.

Hay's Fifty Fifty Mini task light >

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Text: Laura Brotherus / Avotakka Photos: Manufacturers

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