Utilize cubic meters to the fullest: 7 + 1 products that free up floor and countertop space

Even if the amount of free floor and countertop space is limited, it’s possible to find the perfect place for a comfortable armchair, handy storage solution or a vast house-plant collection. We picked innovative products available at Finnish Design Shop that help you make the most of the cubic space in your home!

Eero Aarnio Originals  Bubble Chair, white

1. Cozy, airy chair

If you’re looking for a seat for a reading and TV-watching nook, it doesn’t get any lighter than the Bubble Chair designed by Eero Aarnio in 1968. The chair, which is hung from the ceiling with a chain, is a minimalist version of the iconic Ball Chair and a piece for which Aarnio got the inspiration from a soap bubble.

The round shape and soft leather seat make the person sitting in the chair feel like they’re in a safe and cozy nest, while the transparent acrylic shell gives the chair a light overall look. And since the chair is suspended in the air, it facilitates cleaning the floor and makes the space feel larger.

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String Furniture  String folding table, ash - white

2. Clever classic

The folding table by String Furniture, which can be used with the brand’s shelving system, is quick and easy to fold away to provide more room for an exercise session, guest mattress or children’s games, for example. When the tabletop is folded down at the hinges, the remaining part of the table can be used as a shelf.

The sleek String System is already an excellent solution for a small space in itself, and when assembled using light-colored elements, it makes the room look even more spacious.

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HAY  Phanta plant hanger, black

3. Creative ceiling use

If windowsills and countertops are needed for other purposes, those with a green thumb can expand their plant collection vertically with the aid of HAY’s Phanta plant hangers. The plant hanger, made of recycled polyester with trendy macramé-style braiding, can be used to hang a HAY pot or some other pot you already have at your home. The color options available for the plant hanger include subdued black and white, fresh light blue and lively green.

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Ferm Living  Pujo hanging coat rack

4. Compact coat rack

Closets and cupboards that take up much space may not be the best choices for narrower hallways and smaller bedrooms. One way of solving the clothing storage problem of a small space is using Ferm Living’s Pujo coat rack, which is suitable for hanging both hangers and hooks. When the coat rack is mounted sufficiently high on the wall or ceiling using extension bars, a low chest of drawers, some storage boxes or a shoe rack can easily be placed underneath it.

The Pujo collection, inspired by Nordic nature, is designed by Finnish Studio Finna. The wooden ball at the top completes the minimalist coat rack made of powder-coated metal.

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Normann Copenhagen  Grant wall lamp 111 cm, black

5. Long-armed lamp

When floor and countertop space is scarce, it’s advisable to use wall and ceiling lamps that are easy to direct. For example, Normann Copenhagen’s Grant wall lamp serves many purposes in a small space: thanks to the over meter-long arm and movable shade, it can be used as a work lamp over a desk or a reading lamp next to the bed, or to provide softer ambient light in a corner.

The elegant Grant lamps designed by Simon Legald were inspired by the round-domed street lamps in Copenhagen. The metal lamp is available in both black and brass, and the base is made of dark granite. Grant features a replaceable LED unit with a dispersion lens, so it provides soft, glare-free light around it.

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Maze  Edgy Edition shelf, white

6. Shelf from Sweden

The Edgy Edition wall shelf, designed by Malin Lundmark for Maze, makes for a perfect nightstand. And what is more, it can be installed at the desired height for those who sleep in a higher bed or a loft. The shelf can also be used as a small side table in a living room or hallway with little floor space.

The shelf is made in Sweden of thin metal and strong, recycled marble-like ceramics. The overall design is airy and adds a touch of understated luxury to the space.

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Korbo  Bin 24 wire basket, galvanized

7. Woven wall storage

Toys, stacks of bills and charger cords stay away from tables and out of your way when they are placed in storage baskets hung on the wall. Swedish Korbo’s Bin 24 wire baskets and metal bin hangers are the perfect choice for home decorators who appreciate craftsmanship and minimalist design. The company has been making wire baskets with the same, unique technique since 1922, and its products withstand use for a long time, decades even.

The baskets are woven by hand from a long steel wire without welding, so their structure is very durable. The beautiful, matte zinc coating also protects the steel from corrosion.

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Gestalten  Petite Places: Clever Interiors for Humble Homes

+ 1. Interior inspiration

If the products listed above do not solve the problems you have regarding the use of space, more ideas are available in the book Petite Places: Clever Interiors for Humble Homes published by Gestalten. The generously-illustrated book features inspiring, compact homes where space has been used effectively and innovatively. In addition to the clear floor plans, the tips from architects and interior designers help you apply the ideas to your own home.

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Text: Kaisa Mikkola Images: Manufacturers

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