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Franckly is a thriving pre-owned online design marketplace run by a team that’s passionate about curated vintage design and responsible consumption. Design Stories interviewed Franckly’s Sales Manager Lotta Kuuteri, who has found her calling in the marvelous world of pre-owned design.

Franckly new arrivals
The online marketplace Franckly connects sellers and buyers of pre-owned design. The curated selection consists of vintage treasures including ceramics and art glass.

FRANCKLY was launched by Finnish Design Shop in autumn 2019 to meet the need for an online service focused on vintage design. It has quickly and firmly established itself as an international marketplace for sellers and buyers of pre-owned design. In an interview with Design Stories, Franckly Sales Manager Lotta Kuuteri explains what it’s like to work in a fast-growing service and circular economy community.

Franckly sales manager Lotta Kuuteri
“Motivation and team spirit are hugely important to our team”, says Franckly Sales Manager Lotta Kuuteri.

Hi, Lotta! Could you tell us a bit about your work at Franckly?
“The circular economy and sustainable development are close to my heart, as they are for the entire Franckly team. I’ve been working in design for quite a while, but Franckly has allowed me to realize my own values in promoting more responsible consumption. Working with fascinating design in a way that closely mirrors my own worldview is wonderful – this is truly my dream job.

As a Sales Manager, I am responsible for sales and development at Franckly. My job description is really broad and my day-to-day tasks vary from product photoshoots to customer interactions. I love variety and change in my work, and Franckly certainly offers those. And it’s still a newcomer, so there are endless opportunities!"

“All the team members have flexible job descriptions, with broad control over their own work.”

Tell us about the Franckly team.
“Franckly is a small and diverse team within Finnish Design Shop, made up of professionals in marketing communications, inventory management and logistics. All the team members have flexible job descriptions, with broad control over their own work.

Our product team is responsible for the range of design items sold and for website maintenance, and our maintenance team is responsible for customer relations, as well as for customer satisfaction in collaboration with our customer service. The most visible part of our business is marketing, and that of course involves not only organic and paid advertising but also public relations and expanding our network of partners.

We work within Finnish Design Shop as a matrix organization, meaning that we are supported by a large number of e-commerce and design experts and we work closely with the different teams. Last year, for instance, in collaboration with Finnish Design Shop Contract Sales we created the interior design for Bob W, an apartment hotel in Helsinki. As part of this project, we managed to find 120 pre-owned Artek chairs for the hotel.”

Franckly Turku
The Franckly team is divided between Helsinki and Turku, and team members visit each other regularly in both cities. Franckly also organizes photoshoots in its Turku warehouse.
Artek 75 Years poster
All team members have a strong knowledge of vintage design and products. Pictured is the Artek 75 Years poster.

What is Franckly’s customer base?
“Franckly currently operates in 23 European countries for sellers and buyers in both business and private sectors, so our customer base is very broad. On the business side, we sell to both larger design houses and vintage stores. We are a safe place to sell even highly valuable design treasures by handling all payments and providing support in case of problems. Naturally, we also help our customers in identifying design items.”

One of Franckly’s strengths is its expertise in pre-owned design. Could you tell us more about Franckly’s design range and how you draw on your own vintage design expertise?
“Franckly is a marketplace for a carefully curated selection of prestigious brands and design from years past. Some of our most popular finds are chairs, tables, lighting and tableware, and our best-selling brands include Artek, HAY, Marimekko, Arabia, Iittala and Vitra. Among the design classics that have recently found a new home through us are Oiva Toikka’s Wildwood Cuckoo glass bird as well as the Alvar Aalto classics Tea trolley 900 and Tank armchair.

A deep understanding of vintage design and extensive knowledge of design items are at the heart of everything we do. Products suggested by customers for sale are evaluated in advance, and an information page is created for each one. This enables the buyers to learn about the background of the design item, the manufacturer, the designer and its technical features so that these treasures can find a new home as easily as possible. Understanding the desirability and value of every piece of design is also essential for effective marketing.”

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Marset Theia lamp
Alvar Aalto classics were paired with more recent designs, such as Marset’s Theia lamp, during a photoshoot at the Paimio Sanatorium.
Franckly Paimio Sanatorium
Among Franckly’s most popular products are vintage chairs from various decades.

What have you learned at Franckly?
“When I joined Franckly the whole world of e-commerce was new to me, but I’ve received excellent support from both the long-standing experts at Finnish Design Shop and my own team. At the moment, in addition to sales, I am also in charge of developing the Franckly service in the online store. Constant variation in the work is definitely one of the best things about Franckly, and the fast pace of growth creates a wide range of development opportunities for everyone in the team.”

“Work is a pleasure when what you’re doing is enjoyable and in line with your values.”

Franckly seems to have a great atmosphere! What’s the secret?
“The atmosphere is great, definitely. We work together as a team as much as possible, and we trust each other, so it’s a very relaxed way of working. We’re also not overly attached to our own job titles – we always go beyond them to help each other when needed. And of course, we are all also extremely enthusiastic about our service and believe wholeheartedly in its future. Work is a pleasure when what you’re doing is enjoyable and in line with your values.”

Franckly Finlandia Hall
In a Franckly photoshoot at Finlandia Hall, marble surfaces provided a worthy setting for Alvar Aalto’s designs.
Franckly Finlandia Hall
Lotta Kuuteri believes that Franckly has enormous potential to become a trendsetter in the pre-owned design market.

How do you see Franckly’s future?
“We’re an ambitious company, and we have our minds and hearts set on making it fun, safe and easy to buy and sell pre-owned design – worldwide! I’m absolutely convinced that there is high demand for such a platform, hosted by a trusted company, especially now that sustainability is becoming a key consideration in more and more areas. This increasing recognition is reflected in the growth of our range of design, which opens up new opportunities.

We’re reaching for the stars, and the dedication and expertise of our team members is vital! Talented types who are bold, passionate and creative find themselves right at home in our team.”

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Text: Nora Uotila Images: Jose Jompero, Johanna Kinnari, Antti Vettenranta and Juha-Pekka Virtanen

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