Staffan Sundström’s home is a playful blend of Nordic influences

Photographer and art director Staffan Sundström’s apartment in Copenhagen is a harmonious mix of art, vintage finds and contemporary design pieces. Simple but far from dull, the décor features eye-catching details like the stunning lighting designs by the Swedish brand Pholc.

Staffan Sundström
Finnish-born Staffan Sundström is nowadays based in Copenhagen. His home is located right in the center of the city.


Art director and photographer Staffan Sundström. He lives in a 220 square meter sharehome in central Copenhagen. The building, overlooking Fredriksholms Kanal, was completed in the mid-19th century.

Mobil 100 pendant by Pholc
In the dining space, Staffan has combined a stunning old wooden table with Artek’s Atelier chairs. Pholc’s Mobil 100 pendant adds a playful touch to the room.

STAFFAN SUNSDTRÖM describes himself as a “30-year-old art director who shoots a lot of photos.” He hails from a suburb of Helsinki but partly grew up in Copenhagen, which is where he lives today and works as part of the acclaimed Kinfolk collective.

Sundström’s style of imagery and composition are recognizable, with a slight creaminess of the light, unexpected angles and a talent for bringing shadow artistically into a composition. “I’d say my core approach has always been to keep things as flexible as possible. I rarely tend to be locked into a tripod trying to work out an angle for half a day, I’d rather try and find new interesting compositions as I go along,” he says.

Staffan Sundström
Staffan Sundström works as an art director and photographer. No wonder, then, that he has a keen eye for colours and details.
Mobil 100 pendant by Pholc
Designed by Monika Mulder, the Mobil pendants draw their inspiration from the balconies and streetlights of New York.
Blend pendant by Pholc
Art in its various forms has a strong presence in the apartment. The kitchen table is a perfect match to the artwork hanging on the wall.
Blend pendant by Pholc
Pholc's geometric Blend pendant was designed by Swedish Sabina Grubbeson.

When not ‘on the clock’, Sundström retreats easily into his own pace, never guilted into sending emails from his phone when not in the office. It’s his own time to enjoy with family and friends; shopping for a bottle of natural wine or walking the parks of the Danish capital.

In Staffan Sundström’s home you’ll find a curated fusion of pieces that tie together Nordic attributes.

In his home you’ll find a curated fusion of pieces that tie together Nordic attributes: “a Danish sense of colour, Finnish forms and Swedish pragmatic minimalism,” he notes. Perhaps the most striking details in the home are the Pholc luminaires. Although visually captivating, they blend effortlessly with the rest of the interior, flowing between the vintage finds and contemporary art pieces in his apartment.

Staffan Sundström
The apartment’s beautiful herringbone floors and white walls create a nice setting for Sundström’s colorful yet minimalist interior.
Hans table lamp by Pholc
The Hans table lamp belongs to Pholc's eponymous luminaire collection that pays a tribute to the backrest of Hans J. Wegner’s swivel chair. The chair is from Menu and the cushion from Ferm Living.
Ferm Living Mirage cushion cover
A lot of the furniture consists of second-hand finds that he likes to mix with modern design pieces.
Aalto stool 60 ColoRing by Artek
Scattered here and there in the apartment, Artek’s classic Aalto stools function as seats and side tables. In the ColoRing stools, the natural grain patterns of the wood are accentuated with bright colours.
Apollo pendant by Pholc
Sundström is a master of adding small pops of colour to the décor without it becoming too busy. The pendant is Pholc’s Apollo in the colour ‘deep sea’.
Pholc Apollo pendant light
The home could be described as a curated fusion of Danish, Swedish and Finnish influences.
Apollo pendant by Pholc
The Apollo pendant, designed by Broberg & Ridderstråle, emphasizes the downward light typical of pendants. The striking luminaire is available in two sizes and a wide variety of colourways.

“For me, Pholc really manifests itself as an honest, small family-owned design business. It still manages to behave as a brand that’s aware without being pretentious. I’m also a big fan of the way Pholc embraces bold colour and form into its designs.”

Staffan Sundström's last design investments have been thrifty finds from stores that you’d not associate with design in the slightest. “I recently walked into my favorite vintage bookstore and was like, ‘Hey, can you sell me this table?’ I guess that’s why I’ve always loved Copenhagen, it’s a really open city.”

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Text: Richard Prime Images: Enok Holsegaard
Styling: Sofie Brünner Art Direction: Staffan Sundström

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