Modern art and the atmosphere of the 60’s meet in a terraced house in Helsinki

A black-and-white home in Helsinki, following the art lines of the 1960s, is the ideal location for a colorful collection of contemporary art. Read the story

A Helsinki home celebrating patterns and play

In the home of textile designer Eri Shimatsuka and architect Jussi Kalliopuska, Finnish architecture meets Japanese aesthetics and joy. Read the story

Two-bedroom apartment spiced with pink in Helsinki

A 60-sqm, two-bedroom apartment in Käpylä, Helsinki, was converted nicely for five, when the father who got enthusiastic about interior decor… Read the story

Minna Kemell-Kutvonen’s idyllic summer cabin in the Houtskär archipelago

The windows of the sheltered cabin give a magnificent view of the landscape in Houtskär, an island group in the Finnish Archipelago. Large ships pass by every now and then, their sound giving a rhythm to the flow of the day. The Kemell-Kutvonen family lives a tranquil life on the island during the summer, enjoying relaxed activities and the simplicity of the surroundings. Read the story

Loft living in an old fire station

Julia and Riku’s loft is a bright apartment with black accents, located in a former fire station in Lahti. With the help of thorough planning and good design, the couple were able to tailor the one-bedroom apartment for the needs of their family of four. Read the story

Out of love for Aalto – Virpi Suutari worked on her documentary at a cottage in the Turku archipelago

Documentary director Virpi Suutari was reading love letters sent between Alvar and Aino Aalto at her summer cottage. These and numerous other sources and film shooting trips around the world were the basis of her latest documentary, Aalto. Read the story

Less is enough – Years in Japan and Poland has left its mark on a home in Helsinki

Mari and her family’s home in Helsinki is decorated sparsely but with great care, including items like a Japanese wooden chair, Polish art and ikebana arrangements. Read the story

Hanko’s charm in the loft of an old house

Ceilings with dark wood beams, sloping walls and skylights are essential elements of the atmospheric second home of Tiina’s family in Hanko, Finland's southernmost town. The home was renovated in the loft of a house built in the late nineteenth century. Read the story

Compact dream home in Punavuori, Helsinki

Maiju and Teemu and their sons realized a dream they had been entertaining for a long time, when they moved from Jyväskylä from a 100-square-meter family home to a small two-room apartment in Punavuori, Helsinki. Read the story

Photographer Kaisu Kaplin: “Art makes our home our own”

In Kaisu Kaplin's home, art brings color to the Scandinavian interior. The works of art have been carefully selected and have found their place with time. Kaplin tells Design Stories about her art collection and gives tips on how to acquire art. Read the story

Anna-Kaisa and Tero took up a renovation challenge in Helsinki

Third time’s the charm, or is it? This couple loves to renovate and ended up, once again, looking for a diamond in the rough, an apartment in really bad shape where they could express themselves and realize their dreams. Read the story

A complete home makeover in Ullanlinna, Helsinki: “It began with choosing the right designer”

To Petri Ylivuori, the labyrinthine layout and poor condition of the old house did not pose a threat, but an opportunity to renovate a dream home for his growing family. The uncompromising goal was to create an aesthetic home that would also accommodate the everyday life with small children. Read the story

Natural light, art and “original things”

In Laura and Jonne's home, works of art, beloved books and carefully selected design classics play the lead role. The interior is inspired by artists’ studio homes with high ceilings and natural light flowing in through large windows. Read the story

Edla creates Christmas spirit with natural materials and colors

A dream came true when the house, designed by Edla for her family, was completed and they can now celebrate the great midwinter holidays in their new home. Christmas begins when she hangs a chandelier over the dining table. Read the story

Villa Nagu — a charming holiday home in the Turku archipelago

A 1970s home in the tranquil Turku archipelago stood empty for decades. Anna and Tuomas fell in love with Villa Nagu and brought life back to the building. They said goodbye to the yellowed wooden surfaces and gave the place a fresh new touch. Read the story

1970s concrete castle was remodeled with respect for original architecture

A former residence and practice of a veterinarian is now Anni’s and Kaj’s dream home. The house’s 1970s architecture, patinated pine surfaces, and light coming in from the 126 windows served as the starting point for the home’s renovation. Read the story