Made by Choice’s Kaski chair radiates rustic charm

Made by Choice's autumn 2020 novelty, the Kaski chair designed by Joanna Laajisto, draws on 19th-century rural Finland and the rugged aesthetics of the era.

Kaski chair by Made by Choice
The Kaski chair is crafted from natural, rough materials that create a subtle contrast to its contemporary, clean-lined form. The chair also comes in a narrower version.

MADE BY CHOICE'S KASKI CHAIR by Joanna Laajisto is a charming combination of rustic aesthetics and clear, modern shapes. The name of the chair is a reference to the olden days in the rural areas of Finland: “Kaski” means slash-and-burn clearing, an agricultural technique that used to be very common in the country.

Despite its raw appearance, the armchair is graceful and lightweight, and therefore suitable for a wide range of needs both in homes and in various public places – the chair was actually originally designed for public use. Linen, leather, and ash wood were chosen as the materials due to their durability. Like other Made by Choice products, Kaski is manufactured at the company's own factory in Halikko, Finland.

Kaski chair by Made by Choice
The chair was originally designed for a retail space in Helsinki. "Customers are currently interested in Finnish furniture. In terms of lounge chairs, there are not so many options aside from the classics," says designer and interior architect Joanna Laajisto.
Kaski chair by Made by Choice
The inspiration for the chair came from the 19th-century countryside, where handicraft skills were required of almost everyone – and they were appreciated. Following this idea, the Kaski chair is carefully crafted down to its last joint.

Linen, leather, and ash wood were chosen as the materials for the Kaski chair due to their durability.

Kaski chair by Made by Choice
The linen seat is reminiscent of traditional Finnish handicrafts made of woven birch bark.
Kaski chair by Made by Choice
The frame of the chair is made from ash wood, known and loved for its charming grain patterns. The leather cushion adds softness both to the sitting experience as well as the rugged beauty of the chair.

The shape of the Kaski chair is classic Made by Choice: minimalistic but at the same time playful and recognizable. The frame of the chair is patterned with a lovely grain typical of ash wood, which beautifully emphasizes the simple and natural design. The frame is complemented by a leather cushion and a webbed linen seat inspired by traditional Finnish handicrafts.

Joanna Laaajisto
Laajisto has run Studio Joanna Laajisto since 2010. The Kaski chair was originally designed for one of the studio's retail space projects.

“Everything was self-made in the 19th-century countryside, from tools to tableware to furniture. Materials and handicraft skills were highly regarded,” says designer Joanna Laajisto. “The simpler the tool or object, the more important it was to rely on intricately finished joints and details. I wanted to carry along this same principle in the Kaski chair."

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