In the spotlight: Finnish Design Shop’s collection of art prints

Joan Miró, Louise Bourgeois and Antoni Tàpies – these are some of the artists whose works can be found in Finnish Design Shop's fine art print collection, ready to ship to your doorstep. View the striking interior photos captured in Luotsilinna, an Art Nouveau-style prestige building located in Helsinki, where the art pieces engage in dialogue with Nordic design treasures!

Fine art print Joan Miró El Marxant de Galls (Cat-886)
Art and design, side by side – Joan Miró’s lithography print is joined by the simplistic Standing Lamp and the generous Pacha lounge chair. String Furniture’s Museum side table mirrors the artwork's hues beautifully.

INTERNATIONALLY ACCLAIMED ARTISTS' PIECES, delivered safely to your doorstep? The ambitious vision has come to life, as Finnish Design Shop has expanded its operations to the art world with a high-profile selection of fine art prints. Each print has been curated from the collection of Art Partners Finland, a respected Finnish art consultancy founded in 1992. The array includes works by masters of graphic art and notable contemporary artists, ranging from Joan Miró to Jordi Alcaraz and the Finnish artist Juha Soisalo.

Fine art prints Enric Cormenzana Joan Miró
Captivating prints by Enric Cormenzana and Antoni Tàpies are in good company with the classic Karuselli chair and other design companions.

Purchasing authentic prints that suit the Nordic lifestyle is worry-free, as their origin information is outlined in supporting documents.

Fine art print Fabio Herrera Tres elementos
Fabio Herrera's piece, Tres elementos, is characterized by a strong, three-dimensional presence.
Fine art print Josep Riera i Aragó Avió angle
Barcelona-based artist Josep Riera i Aragó's etching, titled Avió angle, is part of a numbered edition of 75 impressions. The Beebee jar, designed by Hanna Anonen, brings contrast to Hay's serene Silhouette sofa.

Purchasing authentic prints that suit the Nordic lifestyle is worry-free, as all of the works are signed by hand by the artists, and their origin information is outlined in supporting documents. Our partner Art Partners Finland has sourced the artwork directly from the original publishers, artists and the professional distributors representing them. Acquiring art prints is just as easy and safe as any other product in our selection, as they are shipped safely and swiftly to over 180 countries globally from our own warehouse in Turku, Finland.

Fine art print Joan Miró Llibre dels sis Sentits V (Cat-1169)
Creations by Joan Miró and Alvar Aalto convene in a dining space decorated with warm pops of colour. It's as if the grouping of Artek's Chair 69, launched in 1935, gather to admire the dark-toned Llibre dels sis Sentits V (Cat-1169) print from 1981.
Fine art print Perry Oliver Cintas y sombras cruzadas
Cintas y sombras cruzadas by artist Perry Oliver displays striking, asymmetrical geometry and strong use of colour.
Fine art print Antoni Tàpies El péndulo inmóvil I
Multi-layered elements invite one to pause and wonder. El péndulo inmóvil I, an abstract print by Antoni Tàpies, complements the stylish work station, made up of a vintage table, a Danish lighting classic and the Atelier chair, designed by TAF Studio.

Glimpses of the long-standing friendship between art and design have been captured in Luotsilinna, an extraordinary prestige property located in Helsinki's Katajanokka district. Originally built in 1898 and renovated with care, the Art Nouveau-style building offers a magical setting for first-rate prints and design items alike.

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Text: Eero Nurmi Images: Suvi Kesäläinen Styling: Studio Plenty 

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