Design classics of your dreams

A design classic speaks to you, stands the test of time, and is often treasured and transferred from one generation to the next. Kari-Otso Nevaluoma, Mia Frilander, Harri Herrala, and Linda Bergroth present the design classics of their dreams.

Kari-Otso Nevaluoma

1. Kari-Otso Nevaluoma

As chief editor of the Finnish design magazine Avotakka, Kari-Otso Nevaluoma is certainly familiar with Finnish design.

Oluce Atollo lamp

Oluce: Atollo table lamp

Kari-Otso Nevaluoma: “Atollo is a lighting classic that you cannot pass without noticing. I clearly remember the moment I saw Atollo in my friends’ new home. I immediately found myself next to the lamp and sat there almost the entire night. I think I was a bit nervous at first, as Atollo is anything but modest. It’s elegant.

In all honesty, I must mention that Oluce’s Atollo is not a general light; it’s a mood light. It creates a somewhat hazy halo and leaves a lot in the dark, but perhaps that is the source of some of the fascination people have for Atollo — besides the sophistication. The lamp’s statuesque being, formed of its geometric basic shapes, is impressive even when the lamp is not on.

“I already have a place for my own Atollo. Once I realize my dream, the balance of my interior design will change.”

I already have a place for my own Atollo. Once I realize my dream, the balance of my interior design will change. For a long time, I stayed away from design classics as I see them constantly in different media and they have never seemed original enough. Nowadays, however, I welcome classics because a good classic will keep its mystery and fascination, just like a piece of art. At its best, it transcends the stylistic and temporal boundaries, just like Atollo.”

Oluce Atollo table lamp, three sizes, from 792 €

Mia Frilander

2. Mia Frilander

Mia Frilander is an editor and one of the writers of the popular Musla blog.

Artek Karuselli chair

Artek: Karuselli chair

Mia Frilander: “I love everything from the 1960s and the design furniture of my dreams is the Karuselli chair, designed by Yrjö Kukkapuro. In my opinion, good interior design is not fully harmonious. My own home has a lot of calm colors and natural materials, so the white fiberglass and leather of the Karuselli chair would break this harmony perfectly. Even colors and small items can bring an element of surprise to interior design: at flea markets, I go for wild and somewhat tacky vases and other weird items.”

Artek Karuselli chair, 6679 €

Harri Herrala

3. Harri Herrala

Design aficionado Harri Herrala is Finnish Design Shop’s Customer Service Manager.

Vitra Standard chair

Vitra: Standard chair

Harri Herrala: “Jean Prouvé’s Standard chair from 1934 is a model example of the designer’s work. Even today, Prouvé is a bit unknown to a larger audience. The distinctive characteristic of his items and buildings is, among other things, the infinite testing to find the best and most durable result. The self-taught designer also tried to break the boundaries between art and industry. It is easy for me to identify myself with the mind of this multi-talented person who even joined the French resistance. The black-framed chair with an oak seat is my favorite among the multiple color combinations.”

Vitra Standard chair, from 475 €

Linda Bergroth

4. Linda Bergroth

Linda Bergroth is a long-time designer and familiar from many fields of design.

&Tradition Mayor sofa

&Tradition: Mayor sofa

Linda Bergroth: “I was really excited when &Tradition took Arne Jacobsen’s Mayor sofa from 1939 back into production. I prefer my own home to have furniture with a straight bearing, and this combines the gracefulness of a small chair and the qualities of a sofa. As the back of the sofa is so elegant and curved, the sofa really stands out when it is freely positioned in the middle of a space — it doesn’t need a wall behind it.”

&Tradition Mayor sofa, from 5313 €

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Edited: Mikko Vaija and Laura Hallikainen Images: Manufacturers, Kari-Otso's portrait A-lehdet photo archive, Mia's portrait Niklas Sandström, Harri's portrait Pauliina Salonen and Linda's portrait Paavo Lehtonen

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