The return of the Eames Fiberglass Chair

The Eames Fiberglass Chair, launched almost 70 years ago, was the world's first mass-produced plastic chair. Thanks to new production methods, Charles and Ray Eames' fiberglass chair is back in the Vitra collection after a break of over two decades. Read the story

TOP10: The most popular design products of 2018

In addition to familiar classics from Artek, String and Iittala, last year’s best-selling design products included contemporary pieces from Denmark in particular. Read on to find out more about the Finnish Design Shop's hit products of 2018! Read the story

The Beam Lamp from Muuto lights up two areas at the same time

Can one and the same lamp be used to light both the magazine that you are reading by the table, as well as the painting hanging on the wall? The Beam Lamp, designed for Muuto by Tom Chung, is a small but multipurpose desk lamp that does the job of two lamps at once. Read the story

Muuto’s Folded shelves encourage creative order

Johan Van Hengel, the designer of Muuto’s Folded shelf collection, found his inspiration for the layered shelves in the play of shadows and possibilities of bent metal. Van Hengel sees the Folded shelves as a continuation to the Scandinavian design tradition, as their focus is in the union of material, function and simplicity. Read the story

The Swedish Nationalmuseum showcases a masterpiece by Finnish glassblowers

Designer Matti Klenell designed the unique Putki lamps blown in Iittala for the renovated restaurant of the Swedish Nationalmuseum. In addition, the team led by Klenell created more than 80 new items for the space, from dishes to furniture. The museum, which was under renovation for seven years, opened its doors in October. Read the story

The Menu TR Bulb moves from a space and situation to another

The mobile lifestyle called urban nomadism inspired designer Tim Rundle to create the TR Bulb collection, featuring a LED-bulb surrounded by a round opal glass. The slender and atmospheric light adapts to new surroundings, literally, in a flash. Read the story

Eames Radio – a design classic ahead of its time

A radio designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1946 is now available for the first time, as Vitra has launched the model together with the award-winning audio brand, Revo. Read the story

The best of Habitare – wood, textures and dark colors

The Habitare fair in Helsinki showcased new design with skillful woodwork, rich textures, and dark tones. See the favorite products of the Finnish Design Shop team! Read the story

Alvar Aalto's Beehive has a brand new black finish

One of the most anticipated Artek’s autumn releases is the new, black version of Alvar Aalto's Beehive. Its sophisticated spirit suits both homes and public spaces. Other new Aalto launches include The Golden Bell that is now also available as a wall lamp. Read the story

Teatime with friends warms up cool evenings

A steaming cup of tea is great for chilly autumn nights. You can easily make everyday teatimes more festive with new dishes and a beautiful table setting. We picked out six lovely mugs and teapots from the selection at Finnish Design Shop! Read the story