Rimm vase, short, dusty yellow

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The Rimm flower pots and vases from By Lassen were named after their signature feature: a wide and slanted rim that gives the objects a stylish and modern look. The ceramic vessels charm with their clean lines and gentle colours. Fill the Rimm vases and pots with cut flowers or houseplants and compose beautiful groups on windowsills, shelves and coffee tables. The planters are finished with matt glaze, whereas the vases have a glossy surface. 

By Lassen
By Lassen
Diameter 16 cm, height 14,5 cm, upper diameter 11 cm
Earthenware, glossy glaze
Must be kept frost free. Not suitable for dishwasher or water over 60 degrees.
Dusty yellow


By Lassen

By Lassen

By Lassen carries on the renowned Danish architect Mogens Lassen's design philosophy, manufacturing elegant design items that combine beauty, quality and functionality.

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