Ming vase, white

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Marimekko’s Ming vase, designed by Carina Seth-Andersson, features a lovely cylinder shape with a slimmer neck. The clean, minimalist design will create a pleasant contrast with the organic shapes of flowers, plants and branches. Ming is made of white opaque glass and has a diameter of 22 cm.

Carina Seth Andersson
Diameter 22 cm, height 24 cm
Opaque glass


Carina Seth Andersson

Carina Seth Andersson

Carina Seth Andersson (b. 1965) is a Swedish designer whose work has been displayed in recent years at a variety of international exhibitions. Her pieces are part of the permanent collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. 

In 1994 Carina Seth Andersson was chosen to represent Sweden at the Milan Triennale, and in 1998 she designed a glass object for the collection Quite Simply, as part of the Cultural Capital City project. For Iittala, Carina Seth Andersson has designed salad servers and a series of steel bowls.

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