Paper Collective’s Marthe poster represents a desolate figure with her gaze turned to the ground. The varying shades of red and the misty, textured background amplify the feeling of solitude exuding from the piece. The original work is artist Virginia Isbell's monotype from 2008.

Paper Collective's posters are printed in limited editions and part of each sold poster will be donated to a good cause – this poster will support building the Paper Collective School in Nepal. The artists include renowned illustrators, graphic designers and photographers across the world, whose work is well suited for contemporary decor.

Paper Collective

Marthe poster




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Offset printed on 200g uncoated Munken Lynx paper
30/50 cm
40/70 cm
Produced in Denmark under the Swan certification system. Frame sold separately.

Virginia Isbell

Artist Virginia Isbell combines various media in her art, from painting to print-making. Isbell was born into a Franco-American family in Maryland, USA, and attended school in Paris, but returned to the United States to study literature at Yale University. Isbell worked as a journalist for 10 years before, in her own words, "falling headlong into painting" and studying art under Pierre Skira and later Leonardo Cremonini, René Tazé and Jean-Baptiste Sécheret. Her education and previous profession as a writer are reflected in her art as a poetic expression brought about by the tones, texture, and emotive power of the works. Today, Isbell has two studios: one in France and another in Uruguay.

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