MA1543-M10 poster, white

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Tony Eräpuro’s MA1543 posters count to ten in old Finnish. The name MA1543 refers to bishop Mikael Agricola and the publishing year of his Abckiria that was the first book written in Finnish. The simple monochrome posters will delight linguists and friends of typography alike.

Tony Eräpuro
Tony Eräpuro
Offset printed paper
60 cm
80 cm


Tony Eräpuro

Tony Eräpuro

Tony Eräpuro (b. 1981) is a Finnish graphical designer who specializes in publishing, branding, typography and exhibition design. A graduate from London’s Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, Eräpuro has collaborated with the Wallpaper* magazine and worked as an Art Director for the London-based designer Cecil Balmond. Currently Eräpuro lives in Helsinki and works at Kuudes Helsinki design agency.

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