Rop van Mierlo’s Jaguar poster, as its name suggests, features a big cat with a rosetted fur coat. The Dutch artist’s original work was created with the so-called “wet on wet” technique, which gives the animal an intriguing, slightly fuzzy appearance. The poster is offset printed on matte off-white paper.

Jaguar is part of Rop van Mierlo’s poster series that was inspired by his fascination with mankind’s need to control nature. Not only do the posters depict wildlife, but they are also painted in a way that is somewhat out of the artist’s control: in the “wet on wet” technique, the end result is not completely foreseeable, as the colours spread and mix on the paper in part unpredictably.

The Wrong Shop

Jaguar poster, 68 x 50 cm



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170gsm MultiDesign Natural paper
Yellow, black, white
67,8 cm
50 cm

Rop van Mierlo is an illustrator and artist living in Amsterdam. He is best known for his award-winning self-published art book entitled Wild Animals, which included the artist’s animal-themed works created with his signature “wet-on-wet” technique. The artist, who studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven, has collaborated with Hermès, Marni and the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, among others.

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