Nathalie Du Pasquier’s Freddo poster features geometric forms combined with bold, distinctive hues. The abstract elements form a structure, which, however, would not be possible to build three-dimensionally. The visible strokes on the blocks of colour add depth to the poster and make it clear that the original work, despite its precise geometry, was not digitally created.

The Wrong Shop

Freddo poster, 48 x 68 cm


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Pergraphica Natural Smooth 150gsm paper
47,5 cm
67,5 cm

Nathalie Du Pasquier

The French designer and artist Nathalie du Pasquier (born 1957) studied drawing in Bordeaux and moved to Milan in 1979. She is one of the founding members of the 1980’s design and architect group Memphis. The Memphis group’s work was characterized by the use of bright colours and decorations. During the Memphis period Du Pasquier designed several textiles, carpets and also some furniture and objects. When the group broke in 1988 painting became her main activity.

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