Cover Story’s Episode II set includes all the necessary supplies for your interior painting projects. In addition to the basics, the kit contains two sizes of paint rollers and a handy extension pole for them, as well as pre-taped masking paper for covering the surfaces you don’t want paint on.

The supplies are designed to serve you again and again whether you’re painting the walls of a new home or redecorating – or redecorating yet again. They are made of high-quality materials: natural beechwood and easily recyclable metal. The brush has synthetic bristles which are best suited for water-based paints; natural bristles would absorb water and swell, possibly leaving the coat of paint uneven.

The set includes:

  • 23 cm paint roller frame
  • 23 cm paint roller cover
  • 10 cm paint roller frame
  • 10 cm paint roller cover
  • 5 cm brush
  • 23 cm paint tray
  • 60 cm extension pole 
  • 3 cm x 50 cm masking tape
  • 18 cm x 20 cm pre-taped masking paper 

Cover Story

Cover Story EPISODE II paint supply set


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Beech wood, metal, plastic, microfibre, tape
Metal, beech
Some lint may come off the roller at first, so you should rinse it before use. Be sure to dry the roller thoroughly before painting.