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Skagerak’s Turn mirror stands out with its fun shape, reminiscent of a raindrop, a tennis racket and an old-fashioned tennis racket. The attractive ash frame is crafted with a bending technique that allows the ends of a wooden rod to be turned together. Designed by Line Depping, Turn makes a great addition to hallways, living rooms and bathrooms alike.

Line Depping
22 cm
45 cm
Ash, mirror


Line Depping

Line Depping

The Danish designer Line Depping studied at the Danish School of Design and graduated in 2007. Since 2008 she has worked as the assistant of the designer Cecilie  Manz and also done own projects. Her work has also been shown in many exhibitions and has won several awards. 

Depping observes the surroundings when designing a new product. To her the star point of a new products is always its function and use: ” For me it is important to see the reason for creating a new product, the situation where i feel that i have something to offer for the person who will use it.”

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