Horizon mirror horizontal, white

In stock on 29 Mar, 2019

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The Horizon mirrors from Normann Copenhagen create a fun optical illusion – it looks as if their slender steel shelves have an identical twin. Designed by KaschKasch, the simple geometrical reflectors are a charming combination of aesthetics and functionality. The Horizon mirrors and their convenient shelves make a great addition to any hallway and dressing room.

Normann Copenhagen
Kaschkasch Cologne
Powder coated steel, glass mirror
80 cm
40 cm
17 cm
Clean with damp cloth


Kaschkasch Cologne

Kaschkasch Cologne

Kaschkasch Cologne is a design duo of two talented German designers. The young designers Florian Kallus and Sebastian Sebastian Schneider met while studying product design at Münster University of Applied Sciences. In 2011 they established the design studio Kaschkasch Cologne, which achieved immediate success. Already in 2013 they were nominated for the best newcomer at the German Design Awards. 

The duo aim to achieve a maximal usability of minimalist products by splitting the plans and drafts to their most central parts. The products of Kaschkasch Cologne are both practical and trendy. They aim for classical lines and graphical forms. The design process needs to be both straightforward and surprising. The aim of Kaschkasch Cologne is that the final user of the product will little by little find new sides of the product they own. Like this the product stays interesting. 

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