Darkly mirror, medium, brass

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The Darkly mirror from Menu is Nick Ross’ modern interpretation of the first reflectors that, according to some historians, were small ceramic bowls filled with water. The mirror points to the unknown moment in history, when humans became interested in the ability to view their own reflection and contain it in some form. Darkly is an elegant object that appears to be floating on the wall due to the depth of its round brushed brass frame.

Nick Ross
Brushed brass, glass mirror
Diameter 40 cm, depth 12 cm


Nick Ross

Nick Ross

Nick Ross (s. 1986) is a Scottish-born industrial designer who has studied in Aberdeen and Stockholm. Before founding his own studio in Stockholm in 2014, Ross worked as an assistant for Matti Klenell. In 2008 Ross was awarded with the Arts & Heritage prize for his graduation project for the Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen, and he has also won awards such as Muuto Talent Award 2014 and Formex Nova 2016.

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