The Balloon Mirror from EO fills your wall with flying playfulness! Created by Tor and Nicole Vitner Servé, the main designers of the Danish design company, the Balloon Mirror makes a simple and timeless yet fun element in the children’s room, living room or hall. Made of high-quality mirror glass, the Balloon is finished with an oak wood knot detail and a fine leather strap. The mirror is available in two sizes, which also fit well together.


Balloon Mirror, L


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High quality mirror, knot in European oak with a fine leather strap
36 cm
46 cm

Tor & Nicole Vitner Servé

Tor ja Nicole Vitner Servé are Danish furniture designers who are best known of their own brand Elements Optimal, founded in Copenhagen in 2012. Tor has done a long career at furniture and design industry and Nicole has studied architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Before founding their own brand, both have worked with other well known Danish brands such as Normann Copenhagen and OK Design. Besides creating beautiful and long-lasting products, the couple also likes to play with imaginative ideas. One of their most famous products is the Ice Cream Mirror, a delightful and colorful mirror in a shape of an ice cream bar.

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