124 degrees mirror, medium, ash shelf

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Artek’s 124° is a collection of sculptural mirrors that play with light and reflections. Designed by Daniel Rybakken, the mirrors have been named after their distinctive shape: two sheets of thin, polished steel meet at a 124-degree angle. The use of steel sheet makes the structure of the mirror frameless, unbreakable and extremely thin. The 124° collection features three mirrors in different sizes, which can be either mounted on a wall or used as freestanding objects. Plus, the medium version comes with a small wooden shelf that appears round when viewed via the mirror.

Daniel Rybakken
Height 35 cm, width 42 cm, depth 18 cm
Polished stainless steel, ash
Please notice that steel sheet differs from glass mirror by its optical quality and the possibility of small flaws in the surface.