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Four white and one black sheep. Count these and you will fall a sleep. The fun Sheep Mobile by Christina Parrett and Ole Flensted is a perfect gift for a child.

Handmade in Denmark, the Flensted mobiles are unique and stylish elements in home décor and public spaces. While floating in the air, the mobile catches the eye and envokes interest and creativity in both children and adults. Every Flendsted mobile is designed to constantly move with the air currents in a calm, balanced manner.

Flensted Mobiles
Ole Flensted
Serigraphical foil
Black, white
40 cm
42 cm


Ole Flensted

Ole Flensted

Ole Flensted owns together with his wife Aase the Danish family business Flensted Mobiles. Flensted designed his first mobile, Futura, when he was only 14 years old. Nowadays he is the head designer of the company.

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