Drifting Clouds mobile

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Flensted’s Drifting Clouds mobile is made of slender, gilded steel and thin wood chips, which gently flow in the air like clouds on a beautiful day. The gorgeus mobile is made by hand in Denmark.

Flensted’s unique mobiles are stylish and eye-catching elements in home decor or public spaces. Every mobile is designed to constantly move with the air currents in a calm, balanced way.

Flensted Mobiles
Ole Flensted
80 x 100 cm
Natural wood
Wood, gilded steel


Ole Flensted

Ole Flensted

Ole Flensted owns together with his wife Aase the Danish family business Flensted Mobiles. Flensted designed his first mobile, Futura, when he was only 14 years old. Nowadays he is the head designer of the company.

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