Architectmade's Bird charms with its countless expressions. The wooden bird has two separate parts: the head and the body, which can be turned either way round. The head can be tilted and rotated in countless different ways. Happy or sad, curious or playful – you get to choose the mood. The Bird is a truly charming design object that brings joy for people of all ages.

Kristian Vedel designed the Bird in 1959 and it soon became a popular design object. The wooden bird is handmade in Denmark and produced from the highest quality Danish oak wood.


Bird, chubby, smoked oak



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Smoked oak
10,5 cm

Kristian Vedel

Kristian Vedel (1923–2003) was a Danish designer, who also worked as a teacher and lecturer. In the 1950's, Vedel was part of the Scandinavian design movement together with fellow nordic designers and manufacturers. Vedel was inspired by a Danish architect Kaare Klint and the Bauhaus school in Germany which emphasized the importance of functionalism and handicrafts. Creative use of materials and ergonomic and functional requirements can also be found in Vedel's work. Kristian Vedel received numerous awards, among others the silver and gold medals from La Triennale di Milano.

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