The Baby Seal figurine is a beautiful handmade oak ornament that charms children and adults alike. The Baby seal’s rotating head allows you to turn its fascinated gaze in any direction you want.

Chresten Sommer’s wooden seals originated when Sommer, inspired by Kay Bojesen's wooden animal figures, began to design a wooden polar bear. However, during the carving process he changed his mind - the figure had begun to resemble a seal. After shaping the seal's body, with flippers and all, he added eyes and whiskers, and that’s how his first seal was created.

Spring Copenhagen

Baby Seal figurine



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Oak, natural rubber
12,7 cm
9,6 cm
6 cm
Care instructions
Clean with a damp cloth. Polish occasionally with beeswax.

Chresten Sommer

Chresten Sommer has worked for many years as a boat builder. Sommer ended up becoming a designer when a little girl and her mother were visiting his workshop and the girl asked Sommer to make a small wooden figure for her. Inspired by Kay Bojesen's animal figures, Chresten Sommer began designing a variety of wooden figurines, the most popular of which are the mother seal and baby seal, now in Spring Copenhagen’s collection.

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