Legacy Bonbonniere, large

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Bonbonniere by Georg Jensen is designed by Philip Bro Ludvigsen and it is a part of the Legacy collection. Egg-shaped box holds sweet surprises inside. As a box, it practically begs to be picked up, touched and opened. The shiny, scalloped chromium-plated surface forms a beautiful reflection. The bonbonniere is ideal for its intended use – to hold candies – but also works well as a place to put keys, jewellery and other small objects. It is a perfect decoration for Easter and springtime. You can even fill it with chocolates for an out-of the-ordinary Easter Sunday surprise. Any time of year, though, it is a piece that is sure to make you smile. Legacy Bonbonniere is a wonderful gift idea.

Georg Jensen
Philip Bro
Width 160 mm, height 95 mm, depth 112 mm, volume 850 ml, weight 650 g
Chromium plated zinc alloy