The Brick jewelry box, designed and manufactured by Tuulia Penttilä, is an elegant and minimalist place for jewellery. Made of natural treated oak, the box has a warm tone and natural grain patterns, which decorate the otherwise stripped appearance. At the bottom of the box features grey wool felt, which makes a soft base for your favourite jewellery. The oak symbolizes longevity and durability, what makes the Brick jewelry box perfect pair with a gift or engagement ring, for example.

Tuulia Penttilä

Brick jewelry box


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Waxed oak, graphite grey wool felt
Waxed oak, graphite gray wool felt
8,7 cm
8,7 cm
2,5 cm
Care instructions
The Brick Jewelry Box has been treated with an oil wax mixture and can be cleaned with a towel dampened with water or a soapy water mixture, if necessary. Surfaces should be dried with a towel after cleaning. Often wiping with a damp cloth is enough, avoid unnecessary washing. The jewelry box can be maintenance waxed if necessary or let it patinate beautifully during its long service life.

Tuulia Penttilä

Tuulia Penttilä is a Finnish designer and carpenter who has worked in Fiskars, Finland since 1999. Her works have been presented in several international exhibitions and museums in Europe, Japan and South Korea. Besides her collection, she has done projects for architectural firms, public spaces and private clients. Penttilä's creations emphasize minimalism, thoughtful details and natural materials. In addition, ecological thinking, functionality and in-depth knowledge of materials guide her design.

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