Cacti, dos

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Ceramic artist Lina Cofán has designed Hay a collection of beautiful ceramic succulents that are perfect for busy green thumbs; the Cacti sculptures thrive without water and their glazed surface does not sting. The ceramic cacti are something between art and decorative objects and function as a fun detail in any space and setting.

Lina Cofán
Height 25 cm, width 20 cm, depth 15 cm


Lina Cofán

Lina Cofán

Lina Cofán is a Spanish ceramic artist, who worked in the theatre world in Germany before shifting to ceramics. She graduated from the Escuela de Cerámica de la Moncloa in 1997 and has also studied chalcography and photography. Her sculptural pieces often imitate nature and blur the line between art and decorative objects. Recently, Cofán has gained reputation for creating lifelike ceramic succulents with beautiful texture and glazing. Her work has been shown in exhibitions both in Spain and abroad.

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