Copenhagen embroidered ornament, Church of our Saviour

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The Church of our Saviour ornament, from Ferm Living’s embroidered Copenhagen collection, portrays a famous church located in Copenhagen’s Christianshavn. The church has become one of Copenhagen’s most popular sights due to the spectacular views from serpentine spire, although, to get to the top, one must climb a staggering 400 steps with the last 150 located outside of the tower.

The Copenhagen embroidered ornaments are adorned with details of Ferm Living’s beloved home city, with motifs ranging from famous sights to local delicacies. Choose your favourite or collect the whole series! Each ornament comes in a special gift box.

Ferm Living
Undyed cotton with multi-coloured emboidery, recycled polyester filling
3-6,5 cm (depending on decoration)
2 cm
5-7 cm (depending on decoration)
Comes in a gift box