Scented candle, Orientalist

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The elegant scented candles by Tom Dixon are held within a vessel made of brass, copper or nickel and have a marble lid.

Orientalist scent reminds of an Indian wedding with rose petal garlands, giant cinnamon sticks on the beach stalls and the musky smells of the chinese herbal market.

Tom Dixon
Tom Dixon
Spun brass vessel with lacquered finish, Morwad marble lid, natural wax mix 260g of wax
Diameter 85 mm, height 80 mm
Burning time approximately 60 hrs


Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon (born 1959 in Tunisia) is a self-taught designer who lives and works in Great Britain. Dixon is especially known for his lighting designs, in which he combines his skills in welding and interest in innovative production techniques. Dixon's previous posts include head of design of Habitat and creative director of Artek, the Finnish furniture manufacturer founded by Alvar Aalto. 

Dixon has his own brand with the same name but he has designed for numerous manufacturers. His designs can be found, for instance, from the permanent collection of Victoria and Albert Museum. 

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