Moment candleholder, black

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Hay’s Moment candleholder extinguishes the candle automatically when it has burned to a certain length: as the needle inserted in the wax releases, its weight swings a small cap above the wick putting out the flame.

Designer Lars Beller Fjetland was inspired by a peculiar candle extinguisher he saw among late 1800’s candlesticks in a museum in Oslo and decided to create a modern interpretation of the concept. The cast iron Moment candleholder is an intriguing object that will stand, unlike the flame, the test of time.

Lars Beller Fjetland
7 cm
9 cm


Lars Beller Fjetland

Lars Beller Fjetland

Lars Beller Fjetland grew up on the west coast of Norway, where he has nurtured a lifelong fascination for the marriage of function with the finest of nature's materials in furniture, interiors and lighting. He established his self-entitled Design office Beller design in 2011 while still being a student at Bergen Academy of Art and Design. He had his breakthrough in 2013 as he launched four of his latest designs at the annual Salone de mobile. 

Graduating with a Bachelors' Degree from Bergen National Academy of the Arts in 2012, Lars is constantly looking to broadening his horizon as a dedicated explorer of form and function through various new projects. The core philosophy of Lars Beller Fjetland is to design products that achieve a sense of both timelessness and longevity through an immediate, honest functionalism in form and aesthetic. Sustainable yet sophisticated solutions for a smarter tomorrow.

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