Wästberg’s Holocene No.1 is an elegant, modern interpretation of an oil lantern conceived by Ilse Crawford. Typical of the British designer, the oil lamp’s design language is clean-lined and sophisticated; the most important part of the design is the flame, which is beautifully reflected from the lantern’s glossy brass surface.

Wästberg’s Holocene collection is a tribute to fire, man’s first source of light. The name of the collection comes from geology: Holocene is the geological era that began after the last ice age, when the actions of humans did not yet affect nature. The purpose of the collection is to remind how important an element fire has been to man, and that it still offers ways to create atmospheric and pleasant lighting – either instead of or alongside electric lights.


Holocene No.1: Ilse Crawford oil lamp



In stock on 1 Feb, 2021


3 cm
15 cm
Only use high-quality lamp oil intended for indoor use. Recommended wick diameter 2 mm.
Care instructions
Handwash only. Please note that brass will naturally darken over time and fingerprints, grease, water etc. may leave stains on the surface. If you wish to keep the high polished surface, you will need to polish the brass regularly with a brass polish.

Ilse Crawford

The London-based Ilse Crawford has been creating a career in interior and product design for the last 15 years. Before this she had a very different role as the founder of the British magazine Elle Decoration. Ilse Crawford owns a design company called Studioilse, which designs brands, furniture and products, with a human centric approach.

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