Constella candlestick by Klong arranges tealights into an elegant, geometric constellation in a shape of your choice. Designed by Eva Schildt, the Constella candlesticks make bold eye-catchers also on large tables and celebrations – the candlestick for 5 tealights has a maximum length of 64 cm, and the 10-piece candlestick stretches out to 124 cm. In addition to candles, you can also place small decorations or flowers into the cups.


Constella tealight holder, brass




1–2 months


5 parts: 64 cm. 10 parts: 124 cm.
5,5 cm
5 cm

Eva Schildt

Eva Schildt is a Swedish designer who studied Furniture and Product Design at Beckmans School of Design in Stockholm, Sweden, where she graduated in 2001. The same year she started working as an independent designer. As well as working as a designer she has been a visiting lecturer at Beckmans School of Design in Stockholm, Iceland Academy of the Arts and Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City.

Her commercial work has covered a wide range of commissions including furniture, textile design, accessories and packaging. She often draws inspiration from nature, adding a poetic or humorous twist and plays with the forms and objects of our daily life. Among her most famous designs, the Umbrella Stand and the Picnic Cooler bag designed for Design House Stockholm and the Rink table designed for Klong.

Eva Schildt’s clients include companies such as Design House Stockholm, Klong, Playsam, Simplicitas, Svenskt Tenn, Actus and Askul in Japan. She has received a number of significant design awards in Sweden such as the Excellent Swedish Design Award in 2002 for the Gardener’s sofa and table designed for Design House Stockholm. Eva Schildt is featured in the Design Collection at the National Museum in Stockholm.

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