The Golden Bell Savoy pendant by Alvar Aalto shows the passing of time

Artek's A330S pendant lamp, also as known as the Golden Bell, has been a part of the Restaurant Savoy in Helsinki since the very beginning. The Golden Bell Savoy, which develops a beautiful patina over time, has also become a favorite in contemporary interiors. Read the story

Menu’s Knitting Chair serves not only knitters, but also bookworms and smartphone users

Menu’s new release recreates Ib Kofod-Larsen’s Knitting Chair, which the Danish designer created almost 70 years ago specifically for knitting. Knitting Chair’s airy and sculptural appearance is also easy to combine with modern interiors and recreational habits. Read the story

Kaj Franck created truly timeless designs

In his work, Kaj Franck sought the beauty underneath the surface. The unembellished Teema tableware and Kartio tumblers are the delight of table settings even today. Read the story

Verner Panton – a boisterous pioneer

Verner Panton was an avant-gardist who captured the spirit of the 1960s in his products. The designer, known for his lamps and chairs, also designed interiors. Read the story

Louis Poulsen’s Radiohus pendant: the 1940’s design icon still lights up the day

Louis Poulsen’s Radiohus pendant represents the timeless character of Danish lighting design. The appearance of the 80-year-old pendant is just as timely today as it was when it was first brought to the market. Read the story

Aino Aalto – the strict functionalist

Aino Aalto brought the modern interior design ideals that she thought were practical to Finland. Read the story

Design classics of your dreams

A design classic speaks to you, stands the test of time, and is often treasured and transferred from one generation to the next. Kari-Otso Nevaluoma, Mia Frilander, Harri Herrala, and Linda Bergroth present the design classics of their dreams. Read the story

50 years of Bubbles – Eero Aarnio’s classic chair turns the big 5-0

The Bubble Chair that hangs from the ceiling is Eero Aarnio’s masterpiece, and one of Finnish design’s most joyful and innovative classics. The Bubble came out a respectable 50 years ago. Read the story

Arabia’s Esteri, Myrna and Paratiisi are treasures of the dish cabinet that bring back memories

Fashion changes and the decorative motifs of Arabia’s old tableware are sometimes forgotten and sometimes return to production. Some get excited about them for the first time, and some rediscover them in their hunger for nostalgia. The latest arrival is the Mainio Sarastus collection. Read the story

Ilmari Tapiovaara – life, oblivion and rediscovery

For Ilmari Tapiovaara, work was his whole life, and at times, his family was also left in its shadow. The Finnish designer died an almost forgotten great, but then the retro boom began. Read the story