Varvunraita hand towel

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Marimekko’s Varvunraita hand towel features the classic pattern Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi designed in 1958. The simple, graphic design consists of fine vertical lines painted by hand. The hand towel is made of soft cotton terry and measures 50 cm x 100 cm. Combine the monochrome towel with other textiles from the Varvunraita collection.

Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi
50 cm x 100 cm
Black, white


Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi

Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi

Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi (b. 1930) is a Finnish textile designer. Originally trained as a ceramist, she studied at the Institute of Industrial Arts in the ceramics department in Helsinki from 1948 to 1952 and worked for Arabia from 1952 to 1953. In 1953, Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi joined Marimekko to design clothing and printed fabrics for clothing and interior decoration.

In the same year she married the famous Finnish designer Antti Nurmesniemi. Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi had a major impact on the formation of Marimekko’s original line of fashions and the development of its industrial production. The fabrics she created were something completely new and avant-garde in the 1950s in Finland. In 1953, she designed the striped Piccolo fabric, and from it the Jokapoika shirt in 1956 – the Jokapoika shirt is Marimekko’s oldest classic item in continuous production. Another beautiful print from Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi is Pirput parput, very popular and decorating a variety of objects. Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi worked at Marimekko until 1960.

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