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Vaarnii is a Finnish design brand that launched in 2021. In their design, the brand draws on traditional furniture, which, in the past, used to be made using local, abundant materials. Inspired by this notion, Vaarnii's furniture is also based on practicality and locally available materials – the brand's first collection is crafted in Finland, mainly from Finnish pine wood.

The name Vaarnii is a combination of the words “vaarna”, Finnish for dowel, and “saarni”, Finnish for ash. The name refers to the carpenters and other artisans behind each product as well as to honest natural materials: all of Vaarnii’s furniture and home accessories showcase both the people who made them and the materials used, deliberately incorporating each material’s natural characteristics into the design, and even emphasizing them. The end result is a distinct collection of furniture that combines sophistication with raw, brutal aesthetics. 

This brand has collaborated with: Dimitri Bähler, Sam Hecht & Kim Colin, Philippe Malouin, Max Lamb, Fredrik Paulsen, Soft Baroque, Kwangho Lee, Mac Collins, Livia Lauber, Sarah Kaye Rodden, Henrik Tjaerby

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