Pieces of Nordic Happiness

Studio Føy

Studio Føy’s designers, Guro Sørbø Midtun (b. 1992) and Siri Line (b. 1992), met while studying at OsloMet University. They soon realized that they had a similar way of working, and from their second year on, the duo has collaborated on a variety of school projects, including joint bachelor's and master's theses, as well as products designed as Studio Føy after their graduation in 2018.

Studio Føy strives to create authentic products, with an interesting backstory, that encourage creativity and originality. In addition to high-quality materials and sustainable production processes, Studio Føy’s designers believe in emotional sustainability. That's why Studio Føy often uses strategies based on human psychology in its design to get the user attached to the object - this way the product won’t be thrown away and replaced so easily.

Studio Føy has designed pieces for the following brands: Warm Nordic

1 product

1 product