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Magisso is a Finnish production house for Scandinavian design and innovations. The company’s mission is to develop and commercialize unique design products and new innovations that will help the everyday life. Magisso’s most famous product is the Magisso cake server, designed by Maria Kivijärvi and winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2010 in the product design category.

The Magisso cake server, available in a stainless steel version and also in a variety of fresh colours, is an innovative and stylish product and is a good example of Magisso’s focus on functionality, innovation, Scandinavian design. Another successful product from Magisso is the magnetic kitchen cloth holder, which is Magisso’s first product, developed by Magisso’s President Miika Mansikkamaa. Also Magisso magnetic kitchen cloth holder is a good example of functional and innovative product in a stylish design.

Magisso has in little time become well-known not only in Finland and its products have been exhibited in many national and international fairs becoming very popular for their innovative characteristics that help the everyday life

11 products

11 products