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Lundia is a Finnish family business, founded in 1948. Lundia was born in the 1940’s when the carpenter and inventor Harald Lindqvist changed the world of furniture in his workshop. Lindqvist had discovered, that when people move they could not take the permanently installed shelves with them. From this he got the idea to start designing a new type of shelf, which could be both dissembled and re-assembled. Lindqvist's invention made it possible to adjust storage units by the space and the need of the individuals. This was how the first collection of Lundia was born. Since then the Lundia collection has been joined by several high-quality shelving units, beds and lamps.

Lundia values domestic production and materials, ethical choices and high quality design. The products from Lundia are made in Finland and also the wood materials come from Finland. Lundia takes environmental issues seriously and the company tries among other things to minimize the transportation needs and uses only renewable energy in their production. Opposed to the throw-away culture Lundia aims to offer products that are made to last and grow together with the people.

This brand has collaborated with: Tapio Anttila, Helorinne & Kallio, Joanna Laajisto, Jukka Korpihete

Some popular Lundia products: Lundia shelves

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Designer office desks from Scandinavia – happy desk shopping!

Choosing the perfect office desk for your home is not always an easy task, and there are several essential factors to consider when shopping for your new desk. First, the desk should provide you with the best possible setting and comfort for whatever you'll be working with. Second, the desk should be made from high-quality materials and designed to last for decades of use. And last but definitely not least, the desk should be a joy to the eye and match the interior and style of your home.

We at Finnish Design Shop have curated a collection of designer desks from Scandinavia and beyond. We paid special attention to choosing office desks that combine a functionalist design and high technical quality with an aesthetically stunning appearance. Welcome to our Nordic office desk shop – we hope you enjoy desk shopping with us!

Designer desk for working from home

If you're working from home on a regular basis, a functional, well-designed computer desk is a must. Especially if you do full-time office work by your desk, you might want to opt for an adjustable desk that allows you to alter between sitting and standing. Our collection ranges from adjustable height desks with drawers to contemporary electric desks and minimalist standing desks by internationally acknowledged designers.

In addition to modern computer desks and workstations, we also have many classic work desks for writing and reading. You can choose a mid-century style desk by Vitra, Gubi or Karakter or go with a more contemporary, minimalist writing desk by Hay&Tradition or Normann Copenhagen. Here are a few beautiful highlights from our office desk collection:

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Skagerak's Georg – a minimalist desk with drawers >
Karakter's mid-century modern office desk – shop here >

Office desks in a range of styles and materials

Some of the most common materials of Scandinavian office tables are wood and metal. Wooden office desks respect the Nordic woodworking traditions and add a natural touch to your home office, especially if you choose a desk in untreated wood, whereas sleek metal desks often have that charmingly raw, industrial feeling. You can also choose a combination of different materials, for example, a desk with metal legs and wooden, glass or marble tabletop. Many of our office tables have been given a durable finish, such as laminate or linoleum, that makes them easy to keep clean.

In terms of colours, the most popular ones in Scandinavian offices are definitely calm, neutral tones such as white, grey and natural wood. However, if you're a fan of bold and expressive colours, you can also find some truly eye-catching desks from our collection!

Instead of classic four-legged desks, we also stock alternative options that are especially well suited for small spaces. You can choose a wall-mounted desk by Artek or a foldable table by String Furniture, or create a unique, customizable desk with the Tiptoe desk legs. If you're interested in modular furniture options for your office, our selection of shelving units might be helpful for you! And when you have finally discovered the perfect office desk for your needs, feel free to take a look at our office chairs, desk lamps and office supplies to complement your new desk.

Get inspired by Nordic office desks

We love to share new ideas and inspiration about the latest news on Scandinavian design on our online magazine Design Stories. Browsing through the stories can also give you new ideas for furnishing your home office and finding your new office desk! Here are a few stories to get you started with:

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