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Gense is a Swedish cutlery company founded in 1856 in Eskiltuna by Gustaf Eriksson. Today, the name Gense is associated with standard-setting, high quality cutlery. No wonder, since even the Nobel Prize Banquet counts on Gense cutlery to make an impression: designer Gunnar Cyrén designed a line of cutlery “Nobel” for the 90th anniversary of the Nobel Prize. “Nobel” still remains as one of the most popular cutlery lines in Scandinavia. 

Focus de Luxe, another Gense classic, was listed among the 100 best designed products by the New York Times. Being one of the largest suppliers of cutlery in Europe, Gense works with appreciated and well-known designers in the field and is distinguished by their innovative touch in cutlery design.

This brand has collaborated with: Carl Philip Bernadotte, Folke Arström, Gunnar Cyrén, Karin Mannerstål, Monica Förster, Studio Gense , Sigurd Persson, Gunilla Lindahl, Henning Seidelin

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