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By Lassen

By Lassen is a Danish design brand focused on iconic designs created by Mogens and Flemming Lassen, founded by Lassens’ relatives in 2008. Brothers Mogens (1901-1987) and Flemming (1902-1984) Lassen are known as two of Denmark’s greatest architects and designers. Both were renowned pioneers of Danish functionalism and modernist architecture, honoured with numerous prestigious medals and awards. Headed by Mogens Lassen’s grandson Søren Lassen, By Lassen carries on the brothers’ design philosophy by manufacturing their iconic designs as well as products by other designers that complement the Lassen’s functionalist style. The company’s mission is to continue the tradition of timelessness, functionality and quality, and to introduce the Lassen’s design heritage to new generations.

This brand has collaborated with: Mogens Lassen, Jacob Manz, By Lassen , Flemming Lassen, Søren Lassen, Magnus Sangild, Marianne Viktor, Sarah Abbondio

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Conekt back cushion, leather

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Conekt seat cushion, leather

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