The Eva Solo garden tool set is a practical set of gardening tools for planting and arranging flowers and greenery for the garden and the balcony. The Eva Solo garden tool set consists of a trowel for digging and a fork for lifting and breaking up the soil. Both tools are made of solid, brushed stainless steel, and are designed with concave rounded handles so the fork sits snugly against the trowel for convenient space-saving storage. Both handles are finished with flexible plastic-rubber to ensure a firm grip. Moreover, the top of each handle features a hole so the tools can be hung up separately or together. The innovative Eva Solo garden tool set is easy to use, and the choice of solid steel and sturdy plastic gives the tools a durability not found in similar products made of wood and plastic. Boasting an elegant and refined finish, the Eva Solo garden tool set is the ideal gift for any green-fingered person with a garden, greenhouse or balcony.
  • Manufacturer: Eva Solo
  • Material: Stainless steel, nylon
  • Color: Stone grey

Garden tool set, stone grey

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